Basses, Bows and Accessories

In our Brussels' workshop we constantly have an evolving selection of double basses for sale. We have basses in all categories, from student instruments to masterbasses, 4-string and 5-string, the occasional 3 - and 6-string, for orchestral, solo and jazz, all of which an excerpt is presented here below. If you are uncertain if we'd have what you are looking for, don't hesitate to give us a call, we'll be glad to inform you in detail which basses we have to offer. Together with our selection of French style bass bows (German bows on request), tested rosins and responsive endpins we 'd love to welcome you for a try-out session!

Double Bass 3/4 'Premium Massive' - 2020


4-stringed double bass, string length 104, 5 cm.

The perfect starter's bass. A well constructed bass, fully massive with maple, curved back, neck and sides, spruce sculpted top and an ebony fingerboard.
Fully set-up in our Brussels' workshop to be suitable for any musician, beginner to aficionado, in the domain of jazz and classical music.
Currently set up with spirocore strings, which can be exchanged according to preference.


€ 3.500 incl. 21% VAT


Atelier De Man Model 4/4 - 2020

4-stringed double bass, string length 102,5 cm.

This bass is an excellent, all-round bass for jazz and orchestral music. It is a very sonore instrument, well-balanced with a brilliant higher register. It's short vibrating string length facilitate comfortable playing, with enough space for fine articulation.

A new double bass built to our workshop standard, and set-up in our Brussels' workshop .

€ 7.500 incl. 21% VAT

Horst Grünert - 1979


5-stringed double bass, with a string length of 106, 0 cm.

This particular bass has been played for over 30 years in multiple orchestral settings, with the Ghent Opera house and La Monnaie  Symphony Orchestra as some of its prime, long-time surroundings. The lineage is diverse, having been played by a.o.  Korneel Le Compte and Jose Vilaplana Herruzo.

It is a real orchestral beast, with a broad and full sound over the complete register combined with a very strong projection. It is currently set-up as a 5 string, but can  be played as a 4-string as well, which is especially accomodating due to it's rather narrow fingerboard width. 

€  18.500, incl. differential taxation



Horst Grünert - 1986


4-stringed double bass, with a string length of 105, 0 cm.

It is a pleasure to have this 'ex - Korneel Le Compte' Quenoil copy by Horst Grünert in our workshop. The combination of the sloped shoulders and the slender neck make this bass a comfortable and ergonomic instrument. Mainly designed for solistic playing,  this bass has proven itself in orchestral settings, duo's and chamber music as well. It has a strong and full-bodied tone, with a great resonance and complex timbre.

€ 18.500, incl. differential taxation.

Bram De Man - 2018

6-stringed violone, with a string length of 114, 0 cm.

This is quite a special instrument, being a historically accurate reconstruction of a violone made by Gasparo da Salò. It is a cleanly built instrument with incredible abundance, load-bearing capacity and many timbres. Soon, however, this instrument will follow it's natural path into the modern double bass, as has happened to all of Gasparo's violones.

The violone is strung up with handmade, unwound gut-strings, made in our workshop to suit the needs of this specific instrument.

If you'd like to try it out as a violone, now is the time!

Price on request.

Bram De Man - 2020

4-stringed double bass, with a string length of 102, 5 cm.

This bass was built in the Vienna, combining the knowhow of two specialized workshops: Kanzian & Traunsteiner and Atelier Bram De Man. Built from the finest wood deposited for at least 15 years, this is an incredible solo instrument. Handy, but with a voluminous and durable tone, sounding already like an old master instrument. The instruments varnish is antiqued, handmade oil varnish, and is constructed with a one-piece maple back.

Building time and prices on request.

Bram De Man - 2021


4-stringed double bass, with a string length of 102,5 cm

This Belgian-made bass was inspired by the work of Luigi Baioni. It is a great instrument, with a wonderful, full sound for solo, orchestra or jazz. It incorporates a deep sub-bass, speaking easily under the bow, and has a complex timbre.

This instrument is the last build on this form, made with 15-year old dried spruce, a braced flat back and a high arching.  The dichromatic properties of the handmade deep reddish brown oil varnish make for an interesting and captivating aesthetic, and together with it's antiqued look, result in a distinct and remarkable bass.

Price on request.

Eminence - 2015


Electric 5-string travel bass, with a string length of 105, 0 cm.


Made in the Lando-workshop, this instrument was designed for traveling. Unlike other electric upright bass models with a solid body, the Eminence is an acoustic instrument, though smaller and more compact than a standard-size acoustic upright bass. The neck, however, is standard size, demanding no adjusting to the left hand feel. The unamplified sound of the Eminence is great for practising in a hotel room or at night. Played amplified, the Eminence with its acoustic body sounds like a larger acoustic double bass.

This travel bass comes fully equipped with multiple bridges, a soft bag and a hard flightcase, a 4- and 5-string nut, a  Mark bass amp and a stand. The neck is detachable by a button on the back, and an adjustable leg support is sheated in.  


€ 3.500, incl. differential taxation.




A bow can make an enormous difference in both your sound and your feel when playing. Response, depth, clarity, warmth, attack, are just a few of the parameters that are to be found in a fitting bow. We have double bass bows for sale in all price categories, from absolute beginner to high-end master bows. We also work together with acclaimed bow makers to have a bow made to your specifications. Feel free to give us a call for a try-out session or for more information!